Soccer, What You Need To Know About It

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Soccer is a major sport in Europe, so why not in the U.S.?
Most Americans only pay attention to the sport every four years when competition is on for the Word Cup, if then. Even then, thy only want to see if this country could possibly win.

First, baseball and football are known as American sports; they just are. They are as American as the pilgrims. Soccer has a much older background with its roots in other cultures.

Size and strength are not that important. When someone watches a football game, they are awed by that gigantic offensive lineman. Soccer is a sport that does not depend on size.

A turnover in football is exciting! That is probably because it happens in only a small percentage of plays. With soccer, it happens dozens of times in almost any given game.

As strange as it may sound, most sports in this country depend on the deft use of a player’s hands. In soccer, you just don’t use your hands. If you think about it, most people are much more adept at using their hands in all kinds of situations than they are at using their feet.

Soccer is tame compared to the brutality of hockey fights, car wrecks in NASCAR, and football players being thrown to the ground with numerous others piled on top. There is no doubt that Americans love to see a bit of violence in their games, and soccer has little to none of that.

A basketball game records scores in multiple numbers. No so with soccer. Americans like to see a score. It creates excitement.

In football, arguably the favorite U.S. sport, decisions of the referees can be disputed and slow motion film from every angle is played over and over to determine if there was a fair call. Not so in soccer, where a single man makes decisions and there is no

Then, there is the approximately 55% chance of a tie. That just does not sit well with people in this country, where winning is everything.

On an economic level, car races, baseball, football, and basketball are all divided into neat little sections, and in between each of these sections, there are commercials. Face it, there is just as much talk about the commercials during the Superbowl as there is about the game itself. Soccer has no such divisions, so advertisers are not as enthused about it.

Not to mention that Americans are not the best at soccer,

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